Lukas Dumberger

Lukas Dumberger

Software Engineer


Welcome to my digital home! I am a highly skilled software developer with a master's degree in computer science, specializing in both front-end and back-end development for business applications. Beyond the world of coding, I also lead worship at my local church, channeling my passion for music. As an advocate for open-source software, I contribute to the collaborative and innovative world of tech. Occasionally, I share my insights and experiences through blogging.


ChurchTools API Wrapper

Open Source

ChurchTools provides a REST API for data exchange. This project and the resulting API wrapper make the API easier to use. The wrapper was written in PHP to simplify integration into Wordpress, Nextcloud and other PHP-based systems.

5PM Worship Tool

Open Source

The 5PM worship tool was created for the bands in the 5PM service. By integrating the ChurchTools API, musicians can log in with their ChurchTools account and use the tool. The management of sheet music, a separate "rehearsal tool" and the display of wiki pages are the central functions of the tool. All data is retrieved directly from ChurchTools.


Open Source

The content of my student research project was the classification of note values of a melody that was played via a web-MIDI interface. The classification is carried out using machine learning algorithms. A YouTube introductory video was also created as part of the work.

Work Experiences

Software Engineer

eXXcellent solutions GmbH | Okt 2020 - Present

I acquired expertise in developing enterprise applications through my involvement in diverse projects, primarily within the industrial sector. I was able to gain experience in various technologies: Backend languages Java (Sprint Boot) and PHP (Laravel); Frontend JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js and React; Database providers MySQL, Oracle and Access.

Dual Student

xentasystems GmbH | Okt 2017 - Sep 2020

I gained a lot of experience working in the software development department. With a focus on web development, I have developed many websites and small web applications. The technologies of PHP, MySQL, HTML and version control with Git are particularly worth mentioning.

Service Desk Agent

xentasystems GmbH | Jan 2017 - Sep 2017

Through my work as a Service Desk Agent, I was able to broaden my basic IT knowledge and familiarise myself with the IT infrastructure of a medium-sized company. During the previous transition and implementation of a new ITSM tool, I also had the opportunity to learn about the roles and tasks described in ITIL.

Publications / Blog

ChurchTech Blog

While implementing the ChurchTools API, I kept coming across use cases in other churches that were very similar. I publish these use cases and other helpful tips for using software in churches on the 5pm-tech blog:

You can also follow this blog in the fediverse. Just search for:

Personal Blog


From time to time I share my thoughts on my Medium blog. I mainly write about user experience topics for the UX Collective.